Foto av svensk trubadur Kristoffer Asknes

Kristoffer // 30. apr – 04. mai

Kristoffer kommer tilbake til The Scotsman!

Origianally from Sweden, Kristoffer, has more than 20 years experience as a full-time musician under his belt. From touring all over Europe and the US as a solo artist or as part of different bands. A normal year would often include 200 nights on a stage! After living in Oslo for 17 years he moved to Hamburg in 2018 where he now works as a producer and mix engineer in his own studio, ‘Memory Motel Studio’. A busy songwriter for himself and for others, there’s always some new songs to discover at a concert with Kristoffer. Other than the usual suspects one might hear songs from John Lennon, Gram Parsons, The Band and newer Americana like Ryan Adams. His solo shows are performed on guitar, vocal and stomp box. But could also be elaborate looping and ambient landscape sounds. No two shows are the same. But the takeaway of Kristoffer’s concerts is always his heartfelt voice wich he applies to every word of every song.

Live musikk på Karl Johans Gate, Oslo. Gratis inngang som alltid og han spiller fra kl. 22:30 til sent tirsdag til lørdag. Velkommen!

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